Birgitte Solem, Senior Consultant

At the tender age of 18, Birgitte was cast as the lead in her first professional production at the National Arts Centre. And with this job came an epiphany: not only could she tell a good story and move people through laughter and tears, but this could be her livelihood.  She went on to co-create theatre pieces that have been performed in major theatres throughout Canada, co-created her own theatre company, with which she toured renowned theatre at the national level. 
From regular voice work to Hollywood blockbusters to international series, the aspirational theme of strength in vulnerability is always there. 
As a coach and facilitator, Birgitte looks for the calm in the chaos, and provides a safe, professional environment in which her clients, through active questioning and self-exploration, can develop their highest skill set for effective problem-solving and communication. 
 Let’s cut through the noise to deliver your personal best.