What we do

We are focused on your Professional Development in the key areas of Core Branding, Leadership, Communication, Presentation, Media Training and Performance through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, keynote speaking and online learning.

We first find the unique story, values and goals of every individual and/or company, then build a program of development to support those goals.

Our Offerings Include:

Core Branding

Defining and refining specific core values, vision statements and descriptor key messaging.

Media Training

On-camera, radio, podcasts and online performance technique.


Leadership language, status and your part to play, making the intangibles of power, confidence and charisma more tangible.

Communication Skills

Interpersonal relationship building, leadership language, critical conversations and dealing with difficult people.

Networking Skills

How to enter any room with confidence, self introductions, small talk and exiting with grace,  using Linked in as your online business card.


The “evergreen” first impression, reading other’s impressions of you, recovering from a negative first impression.

Writing and Editing

Building a Brand Strategy with a unified and identifiable presence, speech editing, creating clarity of you and your company’s story internally and eternally.

Presentation Skills

Delivering speeches to any size group, the presentation as a conversation, reading the room.


Posture, power and poise, eye contact, where to put your hands, and how to read other people’s body language.

Performance Skills

Voice training, projection, enunciation, breath support, filling the room with your presence.

Speaking Engagements and Event MC’s

All of our ensemble have presented at many Conferences and AGM’s, delivering Keynote speeches, workshops and panel discussions.

Business Presence

While your experience and training can get you the job, your Business Presence determines the level of success you can achieve.